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Marlboro Radio Commercial 'City Ballad'

Published August 1968

Transferred from an 8-track recording, this is a Marlboro cigarette radio commercial sung by country-western singer Eddie Arnold.


Reviewer: Shadows_Girl - - April 20, 2010
Subject: Sorry Steve
The brief motif is from the theme to THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN by Elmer Bernstein...not Ferde Grofe's GRAND CANYON SUITE.

Great ad, though.
Reviewer: Stephen Duck - - May 29, 2008
Subject: Come to where ... the propaganda is ...
[Same review as 'Everywhere Ballad' clip:]

60-sec. soundtrack, apparently to a TV commercial heavy with stirring landscape / cityscape photos. The quality of the ad is very good, including the singing, and everything is just dated enough that the listener can discern many of the rhetorical tricks. For myself--not distracted by the video images--I could perceive how even the music serves the propaganda ... and how it co-opts American popular musical traditions for commercial purposes.
Also helps one appreciate the cleverness of the brand's audio "signature," that brief motif from (I think) "Grand Canyon Suite," heard at the very end.
There's gold in them thar' audio tracks ... but it won't jes' jump into yer lap. Ya hafta sorta pan it out yourself.
Same for the other Marlboro file. -S.D.